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You have worked hard for many years building your estate. Upon your death, what will happen to all of your hard-earned assets? The law offices of Rodnick, Unger, Piraino & Ingber, PLLC can help you determine the best way to transfer your assets before and after death to ensure that the people you want to inherit your assets receive as much as possible, in the exact manner you desire.

We can easily adapt your estate to your unique circumstances and concerns. We can establish an estate plan that incorporates retirement and income tax planning, retirement plan beneficiary designations, property ownership, estate tax planning, and lifetime gifting strategies in order to achieve the most efficient transfer of your assets to your intended beneficiaries. Our firm is capable of providing specialized trusts such as: retirement plan trusts, life insurance trusts, and other specialized gifting trusts.

Our firm is capable of providing specialized trusts.

Every estate plan should include a will. If the value of the estate is small, then a simple will may suffice to transfer your assets. If the value of the estate is larger and real estate is involved, it is oftentimes better to have your assets held in trust and have a pour-over will as a backup. This can accomplish many different goals, such as avoiding probate. This will also give you the confidence to know that upon your death your assets will be distributed in a timely manner and to those persons you have designated. If you die with assets outside of the trust, the pour-over will directs the assets to pour into the trust and be distributed in accordance with the trust directions.

While our law firm can help you develop an estate plan, we also assist personal representatives in the probate process after a person dies. Probate is the judicial proceeding required to transfer title to the deceased heirs or beneficiaries under a will. If you are named as the personal representative by the terms of the will or would like to become the administrator of the estate of a family member who did not have a will, our law firm can help you become appointed by the probate court. We can also assist you in all subsequent probate court matters and procedures until the administration of the estate has been completed.

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We can easily adapt your estate to your unique circumstances and concerns.

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