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For both individuals and businesses, often the most valuable asset and investment in their portfolio is real estate. At Rodnick, Unger, Piraino & Ingber, PLLC, our goal is to ensure our clients can actively participate in the handling of issues related to and arising in connection with their real estate interests by keeping them apprised of all developments and implications relating to their holdings.

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Let us assist you in handling real estate issues and disputes relating to or arising out of the following: real estate descriptions and surveys; real estate brokers, salespeople, and related professionals; preliminary agreements and disclosures; land contracts; purchase agreements; financing techniques and documents; conveyancing documents; title insurance and title review; record title and priority of recorded documents; condominiums; water interests; mineral interests; construction and development issues; possessory and use interests; easements, licenses, and option agreements; taxes; boundary and adjoining property issues; commercial and residential leases; zoning, property restrictions, and land use regulation; environmental issues; closings; and bankruptcy.


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